Blockchain is a technology that allows to transmit and store information. Its database has the particularity of being shared with all its users simultaneously and it doesn’t depend on any central body. Added information must be validated by a peer-based community in order to avoid fraud. Thus it guarantees high standards of transparency.


As a committed brand making sustainability a priority, we wanted to go even further in our absolute transparency approach. So we decided to partner with a start-up from Ticino, Genuine Way SA, to certify our products via blockchain. The company is specialized in the development of blockchain-integrated solutions for companies involved in sustainable development. They have created ITEMx®, a digital platform allowing brands to link products to consumers so that the history of production and supply chain are clearly displayed on the public blockchain Ethereum (technology with very low energy consumption of transactions).

Genuine Way SA has verified the traceability of our supply chain and the sustainability of our products before certifying them on the blockchain. Thanks to this partnership, you will now have access to all information related to the origin and sustainability of the materials that make up our clothes (especially the certificates of authenticity regarding wood origin for Tencel and the Oeko-tex 100 certificate for dyes). In order to do so, you simply need to scan the QR code that can be found on each product page of our e-shop and on the price labels of the items in store.