Overconsumption and low prices are leading to more waste than ever before. To help our customers minimize waste and promote sustainability, we offer to extend the life of their Avani clothes by repairing them.

Give a second life to your favourite items! Repair instead of throwing them away!


Maintaining and repairing clothes not only extends their lifespan but also reduces their environmental footprint. We want you to be able to keep your clothes as long as possible, that’s why we offer a repair and alteration service.

A snag, an undone hem or a button that needs to be sewn up? Whatever the issue, we will repair your clothes if necessary.

Pants to be shortened, a blouse to be taken in? We’ll alter your Avani garments as you wish.

So how does it work?

Send us an email to with a short description of the alteration or repair, so that we can evaluate the intervention to be done and if there is an associated cost. We will then arrange by e-mail to pick up the garment to be repaired.